Dennis Hopper Dead at 74

Actor Dennis Hopper died today at 74 years old. Hopper was known for his roles in Rebel Without a Cause, Blue Velvet and True Grit, but it was his directing and writing of Easy Rider with friend Peter Fonda early in Hopper’s career that put him on the Hollywood map. Hopper was known for throwing tantrums and alcohol and drug addiction, but he had allegedly cleaned up his act long before Showtime started a TV version of the movie Crash a few years ago that brought him back into the spotlight. In October, Hopper’s manager announced that Hopper had been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. In March, the actor received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In Theaters This Weekend

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time • Sex and the City 2

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time:
Jake Gyllenhaal stars as an adopted prince who has to save the world from his evil brother, Sir Ben Kingsley, all while getting the girl, Emma Arterton. The movie is directed by Jerry Bruckheimer and also co-stars Alfred Molina.

“For the most part this is perfectly painless mush. The movie is irrepressibly silly — what were you expecting? — but a few hours of Mr. Gyllenhaal jumping around in leather and fluttering his long lashes has its dumb-fun appeal…” – N.Y. Times

“There's just a frothiness to Gyllenhaal that he can't seem to suppress — it even lurks behind Dastan's sneer — and it never fails to take the edge off. Too bad. That leaves us with a prince in need, when what we really need is prince indeed.” – L.A. Times

Check out the trailer:

Sex and the City 2:
The girls are back! This time, they’re finding themselves tired, bored or frustrated with their married, parental or professional lives so they leave it all behind for a trip to Abu Dhabi.

“Yes, it’s supposed to be fun. And over the years audiences have had the kind of fun that comes from easy immersion in someone else’s career, someone else’s sex life, someone else’s clothes. But Sex and the City 2 is about someone else’s boredom, someone else’s vacation and ultimately someone else’s desire to exploit that vicarious pleasure for profit. Which isn’t much fun at all.” – N.Y. Times

“If only they'd called it Almost No Sex and Very Little City, at least we would know what we were in for with Sex and the City 2.” – L.A. Times

Check out the trailer:

The French Invite the Public to Co-Produce

Something cool is happening in the land of French filmmaking: The indie movie studio EuropaCorp. is inviting cinephiles to help produce a movie, including choosing from five scripts, voting on a director and cast and potentially helping to finance the movie. Financiers will receive a cut from the film’s profits once it is released. EuropaCorp. hopes to release the untitled project next year. And perhaps one of the coolest parts about this project is that the public will co-produce the movie with the awesome French director and producer Luc Besson.

James McAvoy Joins New ‘X-Men’

Scottie cutie pie James McAvoy is playing the young Charles Xavier/Professor X in the upcoming X-Men: First Class, which Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass) is directing. The movie will give viewers a peak at Xavier and Eric Lensherr/Magneto when they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. They were best friends working together with other Mutants (some of whom have been in the previous movies) before they became archenemies.


DVDs Out Today

Valentine’s Day
Extraordinary Measures
The Spy Next Door
The Messenger

Page Goes to the Jersey Shore

Ellen Page will star as Stacie Andree, a N.J. car mechanic, who helped her police detective girlfriend Laurel Hester secure her pension benefits after she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The untitled movie is based on the short documentary Freeheld, which won an Oscar in 2008.


Cameron Crowe Seeks to Redeem Himself in a ‘Zoo’

After his horrific Elizabethtown, director Cameron Crowe is hoping to make a comeback with We Bought a Zoo, an adaptation of a memoir by Benjamin Mee. The memoir and movie tell the story of Mee’s family using their life savings to buy a rundown zoo, home to 200 exotic animals, in the English countryside. Mee and his children balanced caring for the animals with caring for Mee’s wife, who was dying of brain cancer.